Saturday, February 6, 2016

It's Starting to Unravel in Iowa

The ubiquitous reports of irregularities in the Iowa Democrat caucuses have forced officials in that state look closely into how Hilary Clinton came out on top in the delegate count.  Already, it is being reported that one delegate was arbitrarily taken form Sanders and given to Clinton, other such inexplicable actions are sure to follow, such as what exactly lead to the use of coin tosses in at least six other cases to determine who would be awarded delegates.  The Iowa primary was so close on the Democrat side that a swing of just a few delegates could alter the outcome and Hilary's a "win is a win" gloating could come back to haunt her, stay tuned.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Clinton Scandals will never end.

"What happened at the Democratic caucuses Monday night was a debacle, period."  This from the Des Moines Register, hardly a right wing publication.  It is pretty clear from all reports that many "irregularities" occurred Monday night in Iowa, but what is really galling is the pronouncement from Clinton supporters that a win is a win, and that sums up what Bill and Hilary Clinton are all about, "winning is not everything, its the only thing" no matter who or what gets in the way, and this is what die hard Democrats want to foist on the American people.