Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maybe Edward Snowden was right?

What the US Government does behind closed doors is a mystery to most Americans, Water Gate era laws ( FOIA, Privacy Act of 1974 and Government in the Sunshine Act) were supposed to make it easier for citizens to find information about what kinds of records the government keeps and how it operates, but as this piece shows every administration finds ways to maintain the cloak of secrecy.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Government Wants to Regulate the Internet - Are you Kidding Me?

It is simply mind boggling that there are people in this country that think centralized government regulation is the answer to all of our problems.  A recent article in Wired Magazine "Flying Blind, The Tech-Unfriendly Skies" talked about the FAA's efforts to modernize air traffic control,  a process that began in 2002 and won't be complete until the summer of 2015 and which is 500 million dollars over budget.  The author Sara Breselor blamed government rules and standards which require new technology to comply with outdated and often irrelevant regulations and stated that these same issues were at the core of the and VA fiascos.  It is painfully obvious that some people do not learn from past mistakes, now the FCC wants to get its hands on the internet, one of the few things in this country that works without the help of government regulation.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Left is Really After Scott Walker

First the Washington Post went after Scott Walker for not finishing college, implying that he dropped out for suspicious reasons, now the New York Times is "correcting" a story claiming that he was responsible for the lay-off of an outstanding teacher, the only problem with the story was that she got laid-off before he took office.  The leftist media have no shame and in my mind no credibility.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Brian Williams Isn't the First

Brian Williams' admission that he fabricated a story is not the first nor, I contend, will it be the last case of the media making up stories for a variety of reasons.  In this case it was to pump up his persona, which isn't so bad considering he is not a journalist but a tv personality.   The unfortunate thing is that the ever shrinking audiance he plays to keeps watching his program and believes that what he says is mostly true.  It should be apparent, but is not, that the major media organizations in this country have agendas and is following them in what they choose to report.  If there are no real stories to further their agendas they make up stories or alter the facts of stories to support their views. It is not something new, Walter Duranty a reporter for the New York Times in the 1930 reported on the Soviet Union during the time of Stalin's efforts to remake that country into a communist utopia and apparently bought into the regime's propaganda in reporting the successes that were allegedly achieved.  What Mr. Duranty missed, wheather purposely or not, was that Stalin starved millions of Ukranians in order to acheive his goals.  The Times printed his stories and readers knew nothing of the starvation until much later, in fact most people never heard of the mass murder until decades later,  but the Times and Mr. Duranty had an agenda, and still do to this day, does anyone remeber Jayson Blair the Times reporter who fabricated stories in 2003.  The New York Times and NBC are not alone in the alleged persuit of the truth, remeber Dan Rather late of CBS News, Peter Arnet of CNN, Janet Cook of the Washington Post, or how about Rolling Stone Magazine and the UVA gang rape story?  The mass media in this country is out of control and will remain so until the public wises up and stops watching and reading, but that is not likely to happen, come Monday no one will remember Brain Williams' lie.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Does anyone remember Februry 2013?  I know people in general have short memories, but the media really can't remember anything, or they conveniently forget what they were previously so worked up over.  Back then the sequester had just been agreed to and the media was as usual spounting the Obama line that the economy would be ruined by the draconian cuts insisted upon by those selfish Republicans, in fact Obama was barnstorming the country like chicken little warning of breadlines and tent cities on the national mall.  Well, fast forward to January 2015, the economy grew 5% in the last quarter and unemployment has droped to 5.6%, but does anybody in the media remember their dire predictions, hell no.  What has really happened is the government has gotten out of the way of the economy allowing it to grow, now if it could only move over just a little more, say to the right, and reform the tax code we might see something great.  Oh, and by the way some lefties, specifically Martin O'Malley of Maryland, are blaming sequester for the shortfall in the state budget that his tax and spend policies created, and this guy wants to run for President, good luck with that buddy.